About Touchstone:

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Reflect and explore emotions, thoughts, and situations (present and past) from different angles and perspectives.

Resolve difficult thoughts and feelings. Resolution occurs when difficult thoughts or feelings are no longer impacting your decision making, functioning or you have decided on a course of action.

Therapy provides an opportunity to reflect and resolve particular issues, situations, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and through this process, we gain an increased sense of competency and confidence.

Examples of potential therapy goals: 

To work through difficult situations, thoughts, and emotions so that these thoughts are no longer impacting your thinking, feelings or day-to-day functioning or relationships.

 To work with you to communicate in a clear manner that leads to the integration of your past and present in order to be joyful about your future. 

Finally, as we work through complex issues, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts, our communication skills are further enhanced:
• Communicate in conflict
• Reduced Defensiveness
• Reading non-verbal cues
• Develop skills to show support towards who are dealing with difficult situations.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a particular situation.