Children (and their families)

Art and Play Therapy are often used for children in therapy, “Drawings broaden the individual’s experience of expression by allowing the safe expression of feelings and attitudes in ways that words cannot (Hagood, 2000;Landreth, 1991; Oster & Gould, 1987).  Play therapy also serves the same function as children have the opportunity to express emotionally significant experiences symbolically.

Individual and Family Therapy  has been effective to resolve issues related to mental health, family or school functioning such as:

– Anxiety (social or school anxiety)
– Social withdrawal
– Peer Relationships
– Depression
– Aggression (includes oppositional defiant and conduct disorder)
– Parent/Child Conflict
– Trauma – past (or present)
– Sleep
Art/play therapy (advanced training) is offered as it provides a child with an opportunity to explore negative emotions or experiences when words are not enough as they do not yet have the ability to cognitively express their emotions.

Workshops can also be designed for staff in education centers, agencies, and child care centers to address behavior management and trauma functioning issues for children. Staff can develop the skills and knowledge to improve awareness of emotional regulation, social, emotional and academic strategies to improve brain functioning and behavior.
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