Through therapy, a variety of issues can be explored to resolve individual or parent worries and concerns.

Anxiety  and its impact on functioning at school or with others (includes performance anxiety. )

Divorce, family separation, Family conflict,

School functioning issues/goal setting, school success

Oppositional behavior and aggression

Self-harm, suicide and suicidal ideation 

Parenting and power struggles


Goal Planning/Academic  career– interest

Attachment – child-parent/siblings

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Depression

Bullying – the bully, the bullied and the bystander

Addictions or substance use or misuse/abuse

Sexting and social media worries

Youth or adolescence is often a time of great turmoil for both the youth and their family. Physically, their bodies are changing rapidly, and a number of other physiological and psychological changes are also occurring.

Youth are also often struggling to find a voice and manage many new intense emotions they had not previously experienced as children. Adolescence is the first step towards adulthood and the successful negotiation of adolescence generally results in competent adults.   Teens often seek increased freedoms and independence; while parents, caregivers and teachers are struggling to harness this energy and emotion.

Teens are sometimes capable of great insight in counselling or therapy.   At other times, art therapy provides a medium facilitate expression, reflection, and resolution of unresolved issues.  

Art and music therapy can be integrated into talk therapy and are congruent with their need for multiple means of communication/representation.

Customized workshops can also be designed to meet the needs of your organization.  Skills taught will provide staff with the theoretical knowledge necessary to respond to complex issues related to youth and know when to reach out for high-risk supports.

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