Contact Inform./Professional Quals.

   Linda McFalls, LCSW, MSW, RSW,
Clinical Therapist, Educator, Consultant
404 Princeton Place, 10339 124
Edmonton, T6N 3W1

(780) 488. 4960 or (780) 996 – 7655


I am able to provide psychotherapy counseling that is theoretically sound and based on clinical best practices. I draw on a broad range of psychotherapies and theories (i.e Psycho-dynamic/depth psychology, Narrative, Cognitive Behaviour, Psychoanalytical, Emotional Focused Critical Theory, Mindfulness,…)  I also integrate a Critical Thinking Model into my practice so that individual values/believes and cultural perspectives can be integrated.  I access other health care professionals, and make referrals when necessary. Clinical Supervision is also incorporated into my practice.  I am presently a PHD student at University of Alberta and have also worked as a Faculty member (sessional) with MacEwan University.

                                           Advanced Practice Courses/Certificates etc.

Neurorelational Interventions with Dr. Sue Hopchyn

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certification

Ph.D. Student (doctoral student with focus on emotional social health and wellbeing), University of Alberta

Gabor Mate’ Conference x 2

Community of Practice

Licensed Clinical member of ASWB – (includes additional courses, advanced practice exam and 1600 hours of reviewed practice).

Rocky Mountain Play Therapy  Institute Foundations of Play Therapy – 150 hrs (plus exams and papers)  –

  • Foundations of Play Therapy,
  • Advanced Play Theory,
  • Trauma Certification

Attachment (EFT), Dr. David J.  Wallin, May 2016

Complex Trauma, Mindfulness, Affect Regulation and Processing Certification, John Briere, University of Calgary Feb. 2015

Critical Incident Debriefing and Trauma, BC Justice Institute, April 2015

Violent Threat Assessment and intervention, Level 1&2 – Kevin Cameron, 2915/16

Dr. Bruce Perry, Trauma and the Brain,

Solution Focused Training, Level 1&2

Mediation Training, Level 1

Master of Social Work, Charles Sturt University Austrailia,2016

Workshop Delivered:

Trauma and Mental Health Practices for Educators, 2012-2018

Clinical Practice Workshops delivered:  Assessment and intervention, family violence,  collaborative practice, conflict resolution, community partnership practices, emotional regulation,

University of Calgary – delivered Joint Mentorship Project – ’99-’06

Leadership/Staff Supervision Training:  Coaching/mentoring, team work, reflective practice and diversity considerations.

Critical Thinking Training for caseworkers and supervisors