The Impact of Life Challenges on Well-being and Moving on ….

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It isn’t necessary to stay stuck in painful or challenging circumstances, (some of which may have occurred in early life/before active memory).  Therapy/counselling provides an opportunity to address difficult situations and move towards a happier more contented fulfilled self (wellness) as resolution provides an opportunity for one to reach a place of contentedness and also increase the likelihood of reaching personal and professional goals.

Trauma (past or present) – psychological trauma. Long-term exposures to situations such as extreme poverty or emotional abuse are all triggers of trauma.

Workplace:  improving workplace health or increasing individual coping and capacity.  Develop strategies to manage conflict and create collaborative work environments.  

Emotions Management – Anger, anxiety, depression, aggression and, emotional extremes.

Mental Health Management – One in five individuals will now be diagnosed with a mental health issue, (i.e. depression, phobias, anxiety) and the treatment plan  will improve individual and relationship with others.

Life Transitions Counselling – Life change/transitions such as marriage, birth of child, mid-life crisis, retirement, parenthood, job or career transitions, death of loved one, divorce, accident, serious illness, etc. are all events that can impact an individual beyond what they expected.  These changes can alter emotions as individuals struggle to adjust shifts in substantial shifts to changes in roles, responsibilities, identity, social contact, etc.

Communication Skills Development – Therapy offers the opportunity to improve communication skills which results in improved relationships!

  • Communicating in Conflict
  • Reducing defensiveness
  • Staying in relationship or collaboration during conflict
  • Reading non-verbal cues
Linda McFalls,LCSW,  MSW, RSW
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